HEIMDALL® – The Cinema Technology Monitoring System


No more unexpected operational costs and dark screen time. Based on our two decades of experience in DCI projection system installations, we have developed the HEIMDALL® monitoring system, which is compatible with CHRISTIE, DOLBY, GDC, BARCO, NEC, SONY and HeyLED and other direct view LED cinema displays. They also help in planning operating costs and predict breakdowns.

Two decades of experience

AVIAN Solutions, the developer of the HEIMDALL® system, joined the industry shortly after the introduction of DCI projection systems. We installed the first post production studio in 2005 and the first DCI projection system in a cinema in 2007.

During our two decades of installation and maintenance experience, we have encountered several failures and problems that could have been avoided with foresight. Recognising this, we started developing the HEIMDALL® system in 2022, which was launched in November 2023 after a thorough testing period.

HEIMDALL covers all of Europe

The industry recognized the advantages of the application, and in just half a year, we secured subscription contracts for 75 projection systems. Currently, we are present in four countries – Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovakia. Our existing capacity allows us to install the HEIMDALL® system in any cinema across Europe, whether for integrators or operators.

Benefits of HEIMDALL® DCI projection system monitoring

  • Continuous system monitoring.
  • Diagnostics, fault prediction.
  • Predictable cost.
  • Simple hosting management.
  • Applicable for integrators and operators alike.

Systems Monitoring

The HEIMDALL® system communicates continuously with the projection system over the network, collects data and builds up diagnostics analyses it.


Based on the processed data, the status of the system is indicated to the operator via a quick and easy to understand indicator.

  • Green: system works properly.
  • Yellow: maintenance required soon. 
  • Red: requires immediate maintenance.

HEIMDALL® dashboard

Planned cost

Based on our experience and our knowledge of cinema operations, we can accurately estimate maintenance costs for up to a year in advance.

Simple hosting management

Optimal storage management is a challenging task. HEIMDALL® alleviates this burden from the operator entirely, alerting you when storage saturation exceeds optimal levels.

For integrators and operators alike

The service is available for both integrators and operators with different functionalities.


The HEIMDALL® system has a one-off installation cost, after which the full service is available at a monthly fee. 

HEIMDALL® projection system monitoring compatibility

  • GDC
  • NEC
  • SONY
  • HeyLED
  • dvLED cinema displays

Meet us at CineEurope

If you have any further questions about HEIMDALL® projection system control, please contact our staff or meet us in person at CineEurope in Barcelona from 17-20 June.

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